Post x-ray it was clear it was game over for the season and its not so much the injury but the 8 months work to get me to Kalmar in top shape that’s so hard to swallow.   It’s been a while since I posted and that’s because I have been licking my wounds. 2018…Read more WHEN THINGS GO WAY WRONG

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Evidence suggests there is a limitation in the amount of ketones that the muscle can actually use as a fuel source   The big discussion over the past year for endurance athlete’s diets have been around 2 subjects. Firstly, we have low carb/high fat diets and secondly, ketone supplementation. Although related in many ways these…Read more THE FACTS ABOUT LOW CARB DIETS AND KETONE SUPPLEMENTS

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Salt Supplementation & Sweat testing for Ironman – Why it’s not about cramping!

Old wives tales are great for getting the kids of to sleep but should serve little or no place in Nutrition Science. However, we have the persistent commentary that salt supplementation prevents cramps in the same manner lactate is rolled out by the TV commentators as the cause of fatigue. In this article I want…Read more Salt Supplementation & Sweat testing for Ironman – Why it’s not about cramping!

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The Myth of Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

“If you repeat something long enough people will begin to believe it’s the truth.”     How can I set training zones based on power? Are they accurate? Are they based on evidence? These are just some of the basic questions those looking to base their training on power. One of the most widely used…Read more The Myth of Functional Threshold Power (FTP)

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Stryd® – Running with power!

There is great potential for power as a running metric but a number of issues to consider before applying it in everyday training.   Price: $199 (circa £159.90) Purpose: Power monitor for running Website: [Stry Gen II ‘FOOT POD’] Summary –      Pros:    Accurate, repeatable, syncs with training peaks /    Cons:  Lack of ability…Read more Stryd® – Running with power!

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Altium i-10

Altium-i10 – Like being on top of a mountain? Price: £499 (Circa $617) Purpose: To deliver the benefits of altitude training at home. Website: Summary – Pros: May work in swimming / Cons: Expensive, no clear benefit on lactate threshold or power at lactate threshold, no effect on hct and hb. For elite athletes high altitude…Read more Altium i-10

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BSX Insight

BSX insights – Physiological analysis for a fraction of the cost? Price: $419.99 (circa £339) Purpose: Lactate threshold sensor Website: Summary – Pros: Accurate, repeatable / Cons: Cost, limited to only assessing threshold. When I find blogs online you find the writer waffling on for ages before getting to the take home. So if you…Read more BSX Insight

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