Nutritional Biochemist & Food Law Expert

Before we begin I want to tell you I have worked in the Sports Nutrition Industry for over 15 years and over that time have worked with well over 50 sports nutrition companies. Why am I telling you this? The internet will be full of those trying to pull you down for another agenda i.e. to promote a product, a book, or a business. This site is ‘FREE’. I am not funded or sponsored for the content I write and I receive no royalties for any product currently on the market that I review on this site. If that changes I will let you know, all views are my own honest opinions based on areas I believe are in the public interest. 

So a little about me – well I am an academic for sure and a dedicated endurance competitor. Like you I have aspiration in sport but with a career and family, time management is a big issue. However, as a result of such pressures I use ‘long term’, ‘efficient’ and ‘scientifically’ driven approach to training and diet resulting in some great results even with little time to train (<10hrs/wk average). 

My insights on this website are science based and I make no apology for that as that’s my training. I hold a degree in exercise physiology, masters in nutrition and exercise science and doctorate in nutritional biochemistry and published in peer review journals on sports nutrition. My other education is in food and European law. In calling on this training and experience I hope to throw some light onto the world of sports nutrition, technology and training from a academic and applied point of view.

I also open up these views for comment and insight from other professionals and athletes who may take a different view to my own or find mistakes in what I write. Nobody knows everything and the volume of literature out there can easily mean missing some important articles. As such I encourage you all to comment, give views and disagree based on your own opinions or some other research. Academic debate is healthy and constructive and to that end I look forward to sharing and learning in that spirit.